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Related article: Date: Monday, April 21, 2008 September 33rd 22 -0700 From: Wolf knob u003cwhitewold999 ICQmail. com u003e Subject: Belmont Shores Party Time 2 ( gay / encounters, M / M ) DISCLAIMER: This story is a work of fiction and contains No descriptions of explicit sexual acts of child explore their sexuality. Contains graphic scenes of Cp Pedo Bbs Links sex between a minor and adult men... If this type of content to be offended, or not read less than 18 years. author 's note : This story is the property of the author. You can download personal reading pleasure or sending a a friend, but if you wish, you can return to own website, please contact the author for permission. If it is illegal to view such material where you live or If you find the theme of deception please leave now. If n is history, or enjoy, if it evokes memories of your account, please let Cp Pedo Bbs Links me know. I have the pleasure of writing Tales of the contours. Copyright 2008 Wolf, All rights reserved. You can contact me if whitewold999 ICQmail. com like. All flames will be ignored. Belmont Shores Party Time 2 private medical education with Wolf Dave installed in the routine at the dive Cp Pedo Bbs Links center. From Saturday were for diving excursions reserved Santa Catalina Iceland, Tuesday and Thursday were ights n taught diving classes in the pool, and Monday was your typical day, which limited its \\ \\ n Dining married to Bill and Wednesday. married then prepare a nice home cooking and entertaining, while Bill David , which would provide clean for them to do while masturbating. No matter what you always did shit ended with Dave and Bill each other. One afternoon, a tall distinguished looking Lord entered on immersion. He wore informal, but his clothes were expensive. A look at him and the other two vendors are working on that night knew that that is appreciated. Each of them asked if that I could help. He told the boardters two guys who was being sought. Dave was finishing a guy selling a new Harpoon and explain how to change it to be to load faster. He did as the man was the repository of dive filled with water in a tub. When that was over, took the money and gave thanks guys him and assured him that he can see on the ship this weekend. The gray-haired man asked what the boat was. David said that the store is 17 - feet allocated boat Cp Pedo Bbs Links from San Pedro almost every weekend for ot just go diving new divers. The lined interest in him and he asked many questions. that s said he had never jumped before. It s mentioned that has always fascinated him more and at. He said he had been swimming in college the team, but was not a great swimmer. You were talking about the movies they had done, s fascination for diving. Since the contribution the movie about the war equipment underwater demolition 4 was called " frogmen. " There was also the movements " The Creature from the Black Lagoon. " It was the TV s the series " Sea Hunt with Lloyd Bridges. Talked for all the bad things, but both had been fascinated to breathe underwater and be able to see what is low the sea was. Dave said, sniffed at the center of a school of. that spin and tunnel Silver survive all the way up to the surface. What means, night diving for lobster go. panic feels the first time that an eel lunges at you. was told of cave diving and flood the light and not ie in a position at the top or below was reached another dive with a working group the light. he spoke of how young cow seals do you and your concerns because you know there are at least a bull seal somewhere a little further the field of view. will be said about Anta Kappa island a time with a large group of seals around ship. they were among them, when a school of orcas (killer whales) Appeared. The boys left dive with all the water as soon as they appeared. They sat there watching the Orcas Circle of the seals, who are working away from the safety of the the rocky coast. If a seal of a break would be the rock of a whale dart after biting his head. He will leave that to the circumference. They saw whales near kill 20 stamps before starting to Cp Pedo Bbs Links eat and to do for the rest on the rocks. Dave tells him by one of the 20-foot whale was side and the boat turns, so that one eye was at him. If whales are moved to anchor and headed back to San Pedro. The man listened to the stories with interest. At no time Dave tried to sell anything. The man introduced himself as Dr. Ron Larson. Dave asked if the title was an MD. The man happened to said yes, neurosurgery. It really just shook hands y said his name was David, the late U. S. Navy. States.. As a doctorsked if a diver n in the Navy, Dave just laughed I did something fun for divers, but he was a draftsman in the Navy. The doctor had checked out and was sure that is a way I had played sports. David said that s it was a 7-year middle linebacker high School and College. The doctor asked. " If you go to had the best equipment to buy, what would you choose " Dave started with the masks. He said that the Cp Pedo Bbs Links best features of each. When pressed to choose a n one took what was a great lens, easy access to the nose for washing and air space is very little difference between the face of the lens. It took a long gun tube that was around the head, which would deal with the dip in the bed surface and the tube was long enough to easily remove the barrel breathe. also explained the characteristics of the fins. in joke these days fins were straight and is touted as fast and less likely to cause seizures but pureDave makes selected Voit duck feet. If you discussed the different types of suits Dave said one of the most common types first. Ron heard his explanation of them, and when Dave was forced to choose one, I said, " I prefer Farmer John trousers and jacket based the hood built in is difficult, but used if you get into cold Cp Pedo Bbs Links water, is more convenient. the jacket has no zipper on the chest down and more difficult to achieve. I prefer the comfort of water. then referred to the need for a weight. s BCD belt and assured him that is not a life jacket that his anger on Cp Pedo Bbs Links the road surface is faster than large bubbles, and if \\ \\ n reach the surface to drop the weight -. belt ". n then showed him the armor and packages along with the supervisory authorities. A lot of people who were at the beginning single hose regulators, however, prefer to buy from Dave of former U. S. Divers two hose regulator n. He said : " did not mind her tongue in her mouth PEACs to stop the flow of air as he rolled on his back. with the driver behind the head allows the relieve the exhaust air to leave behind the head. Hate s of the way the regulator hose from the exhaust pipe right your cheeks, so bubbles ringing in the ears. " Ron asked, " Could private instruction. " Said Dave: " I took classes at a local city s pool twice a week. I think I could teach you, if you have access to a pool large enough for me to make sure that You are a proper float. " Said Ron: " I have an Olympic size pool at home. " Said Dave:" We may contract with all equipment until you are ready for high seas Order n diving. You need your own wetsuit by purchasing then. " Ron pulled out his checkbook and said, " I buy everything now. " rang Dave had spoken all selected as Ron the mask that fits you like Dave. is sound after the feet of ducks and filled with Ron selected amount on the check. AsI got out of the the tape and began measurning him. that full on measurements in an order, the head s of the neck, chest, waist, hips, thighs, calves, stride length, Length of the hull and shoulders above his head. that checked pants with bib and then the built in hooded jacket with zippered chest. He said, if the suit will be available. He helped them package on the machine and run it to the car care. Ron gave him his business card and wrote your address and phone number on the back n. Dave tells him, he could set on Monday at work, and Wednesday. Ron said. "I will clear my schedule so we can start to can next week," The following Monday he called Ron to find out when you want to start. Ron said he was now available. Dave did not need anything but your Fins, mask, snorkel and swimsuit so I pulled the Harley. Cp Pedo Bbs Links Your HDWG thundered west along the path of Rancho Palos Verdes. David smiled to himself wonder if the doctor would be disturbed by neighbors Sound of your Harley. As he approached the right direction slowed down and veered off the road up the hill to a Spanish-style house with a red brick ceiling. Ron heard the commotion and came out the side of the the house and told him where he could park of the bike. He introduced David to the house and offered have a drink before you start. They took drinks on the terrace. David had killed to have a house like this. The doctor was not kidding Olympic size pool was defiant and spa. The first thing Dave did was give the book , and went as far as he would have had to learn. is s was the law of Boyle, Martin and diving right table n. Medical supplies as a subcutaneous injection newmothorax and therefore were not a problem for the doctor to understand. While Ron was reading things Dave sat back and enjoyed the breeze, the mountain the sea. He told Ron that he was ready to make the test was to see him take in a week ot two. He said that for nowWhy not show me how to good of a swimmer you are. was along what appeared to is a parachute attached to a belt. The idea of ​​, was the creation of drag, as Ron was swimming up and down the pool. Ron managed to pass the swimming test, without a lot of Difficulty. When he left the pool Ron offered to let him use his shower. David enjoyed a comfortable shower worm in the walk-in shower, as Ron room was empty. Dave had to admire his physical condition Cp Pedo Bbs Links in the pool, but now he has to see what could be an similar. He was thin, tall and its tail was long y thin. When he approached him with Dave looked back and turn back. A look into the eyes of Ron y Ron knew that Dave was cool. Ron approached him and reached out and Dave covered the scrotum and asked, "How to have a bag of as this, there is a hydro- phone? " Blushed n Dave, " I was in the eggs have entered many playing football. " Ron did not let go of the bag Dave, when he moved hisBody was so close that in the period from Dave thighs. David felt his cock began to live. He came to down and grabbed her. He took out the cock Ron was fully erect. He knelt on the cold flagstones land and took a long time member of the neck. It s sucking on this tool until Cp Pedo Bbs Links Ron came in the mouth Cp Pedo Bbs Links and cum flowed from her nose. When Ron came to pushed him against the tiled wall and kissed him. as he wiped his cock all the leg lameness Dave. Then Ron was kneeling in front of Dave and sucked the cock of her s, while sticking his fingers in the ass of Dave. When Dave began arriving Ron threw his head back and a face full of cum. They had promised a good laugh and clean Ron, to be ready for the written test by next week. David tied his bag with his team in the the back of the bike and let the bark of the pipes on his way by the driveway. fact Ron was ready for testing and was done in less time than it took David to change his jeans, their Speedos. Davidcorrects the test paper is found to have no problems with written work. and the meeting was adjourned to the pool. Dave was particularly careful of mechanics use of checks, and then threw Ron the mask in the deep part of the pool. He said, " dip and put the mask on and removed from all the water by blowing air through the nose, before the surface. " As did Dave jumped and the new tank contributed to the bottom of the pool and left it there. When he reached the surface of Ron there and wondered why he had left the tank, s there without a driver. David used his swamp, to drive, so you might the back and sit on the edge of the basin. He n and grabbed achieved by the controller and gave it to hand, as he pulled the mask from the head of Ron and threw it into the pool at the other side until the time far as able from the tank. "Same year. Call the mask, of course before swimming in the of water in the tank andConnect the regulator before breathing. You have the tank before using the surface. " Ron looked at him. " Where is the regulator be? " Dave said," Oh, you catch on fast. You have to catch me and believe me. "There was a brightness in his eyes as he said, and Ron knew that wanted a fight for them. Built on the basis of the form Dave knew he was, it would be difficult do. Ron took a few deep breaths in a cleaning n to try to reduce the amount of CO2 in your brain before diving down to retrieve the mask. When removed , was Dave was on the other side the pool with the controller in hand. Every movement, Ron Special Dave moved Cp Pedo Bbs Links to counteract their movement, started by Dave knew Ron to suffer. He had to catch Ron y put enough of a struggle to make Ron remove the remaining air I had. Ron had to give up the fight and swim to the surface. Dave followed , and when it comes to the Surface Dave said, there comes a time whendecides to give up and for which surface. If a friend is trapped underwater and exhaust air heat your better than your bottle and his accent makes clear. Go get more air and to help. " recover as Dave Ron said, " Are you ready to try again ? " Ron looked at him with determination and nodded. David threw his mask again and Ron, when he launched his slider now enough to have Ron to decide which one to go Cp Pedo Bbs Links to the first. David knew he would go for the first controller , then swim in the tank and the struggle to put in the controller and with luck, could \\ \\ n remove the regulator and get some air before the tank before having to surface. Ron managed to do it. When he came out Dave 's group backed out of the Ron hall and thought. are going to have to do it again Dave said : "Well done. Watch the mask in the the pool. David appeared in the mask set, clean and was for the tank. the CRAcked the valve and put the muzzle of his s to catch the bubbles and made a touch the tank with the regulator and took his time putting the regulator. Then he opened the tank above the head before the nozzle assembly Belt and against the federal government by the poolside. Dave Ron said there is always another way, is a problem to solve. His first idea Cp Pedo Bbs Links may not be the form easier. Ron said. " Are not you risk blowing a to do through the hole of the mouth," " If I did not realize my mouth right replace the valve to let bubbles in the water my mouth and the air we breathe in the bladder. " Ron has been with the practical part of the final classes faster than a normal class because \\ \\ n a style. When it came time to check- out dive n Dave offered his class, but next to Ron did you have a boat, we can use. Dave was to play Catherine to take a dive. Ron gave the ship slide his boat was moored. They agreed to take the boatSunday and Monday to return in the afternoon. Dave was soon filled with his team and went to the Naples Yacht Club and parked his car in the the place, he knew that the guards could keep an eye on him. hung up his team on his back and walked to the dock float and follow the numbers from the list of. As soon as he saw it was the boat n impressed. ship Ron was a motor boat of 40 feet with two Mercury Cp Pedo Bbs Links engines. There were two identical bridges. One included the second was a fly with a blue canvas awning. As he approached the boat Ron left the cabin. David standing on the stairs and waved to the small flag on the back and then waved to Ron, " Third grade Dave Mayfield. Permission to come aboard, sir. " \\ \\ n Ron gave half salute and said, " Welcome aboard, Saylor " David went to the railing and followed Ron y said passage in which he said. Then Ron showed him the boot. Dave was very impressed. Ron said that GE,ta view of diving, which are only First mate to get on the dock and ready to weave the whole person n and tie. Dave jumped over the railing and broke quickly The eight rear fixing system on the dock and threw is the line to board the boat when Ron went to the Bridge flight and engines started. Ron use oar, the boat against the Cp Pedo Bbs Links dock as Dave kept running in the bow and broke and took the line in the hand is , jumped on board. The winding lines smart cover and then when she went to the opening of in the Mole, he moved to the Finder and is saved. They had a good time for way north of the island. His boat was fast enough to to make the trip in half the time that his letter would ship. David told him to show and take the boat to a cove in western side of the island called Iron Bay. The cliffs were a bit over 40 meters high ny a horseshoe shape. oh, no climbing equipment. Set the anchor with sufficient clearance for the boat with the flow oscillation, but there is no danger of in contact with the rock. He pointed to his up, while Dave said, which would. David wanted to see how clean the mask n comparison to adjust the elevation Beanery neutral in a variety of depths. After Dave was satisfied with the skills Ron, you just enjoy swimming. that s that never went beyond 30 meters. at that depth, they could stay down for almost an hour. If you came to the surface, put a wooden deck in the back of the boat to leave the water. removed from all their devices, the something to eat. Dave had brought along several tanks, so that were able to make several dives. While she s Food Ron excited how great the dive and was everything he saw. I was so excited, he would probably hyperventilate when he returned to the water immediately. David asked Ron if hd heard of Five - The Club of ancient times. Ron had no idea what it was. Dave Cp Pedo Bbs Links said :.. " A thread is six feet and 30 feet is the equivalent of an atmosphere where sex 30 feet of water is the same as the Mile High Club Air Ron asked " How are we doing? " Said Cp Pedo Bbs Links Dave:" We based our Farmer John and if we are in 30 feet, you get the step undo our cap n, and if we can maintain an erection in the water about 52 \\ \\ n degrees to fuck each other. " Ron have a laugh and moved that she their bathing suits and put on top of neoprene and is the Cp Pedo Bbs Links weight belt. David said that without the story No that would be negatively buoyant. So if that she wanted to come would have to swim more difficult, or use the BCD. that changed tanks and the rest of his team and back on the ro ship's rail. Dave Ron was an area of sand that would be comfortable and Gage proved his depth to ensure that the depth was more than thirty ratet. down in the soil. He went to the two locks the tail step. He pulled back, and put it on your own. He took off the tank and placed on the sand in front of him. Ron saw what was offered, and broke the door. Dave knelt behind and out his dick in ass of Dave. Ron was a problem bit to get an erection firm enough for that ass Dave. For Ron was the first time I had every time someone picked up and left under water Fucking Dave. He even managed to finish. was the only thing that interferes with Dave, Ron can be hyperventilation and use your air tank before coming to pick it up. Once we knew that Ron has peaked, he opened his tank over his head, and against the belt. He turned to Ron and put it on his knees. Ron door gave way to expose her ass. Pressure was recorded by Ron n DMS and knew I had to work fast. He took his cock of Ron in the ass and grabbedhips. quickly grabbed furious. When he took of Ron 's ass some bull floating in the water. Dave has a lack of a gold watch Garibaldi bites to finish on the water. Ron began to feel harder to breathe. He took the rod and free was the signal that caused the air. David followed it to the surface. Ron could not return to using emotions to have sex underwater. I could not stop chat. David is delighted with their enthusiasm. David asked to take a deep dive today? See the table appears and tells me how much time can stay down at 160 meters after 2 hours long dives a 30 feet. Ron was on the table and responded with s more a matter of "Ten minutes without decompression n ? " Now, how long will a tank of air last less than 5 atmospheres pressure ? Ron did the math and said, about ten minutes Dave said. "Let's get the boat at this time as shown on the map" anchor and headed south. if at the point where mDavid refused to AP anchor. Before tightening Dave said Ron check your figures again representing the time sequence on the surface. Ron made all his characters and said. "We have nothing but air enough for ten s minutes, but could actually be down more," Dave: "Is this a safety cushion " n Ron said, " Yes. " Dave said. " Then let's go, " as he walked by the water was almost black among them. Ron noted that the color of orange lifejackets changed color. When under the rocks were covered with what appeared to be plants, but Dave had to almost everything that it would, in fact, living organisms, as apposed to the life of plants. The fish life is changing too. Used to of all air and had to start. Ron was surprised to learn that the n decrease in air pressure in their lungs expanded and never had to take a breath. He was breathing all the way up. Ron was incredibly excited. David had told Cp Pedo Bbs Links him that would happen, but in reality, Ron tested would not have believed. anchor and went to the southern end on the island and joined Avalon Harbor. that contact with the harbor master and allowed to bind is a buoy. The water taxi to the pier began. Ron Dave bought dinner and had a pleasant visit to the night of the city and the shops before the taxi back to the boat for a night 's sleep. The next morning they took the boat to the east coast of for two ports. Five green abalone were collected some pieces , near Bird Rock. This exhausts all air tanks , who had brought. They have some rest dive in the morning, before source port. load all empty tanks in the trunk of the car Dave and took them back to the store where again they were all filled Cp Pedo Bbs Links and sealed. new tank Ron got back into the trunk. David filled of the ways to make sure that Ron was a certificate Scuba Diver and gave him a cardthat could lead to as evidence that was certified. Dave Ron went home, where he had a drink or a Cp Pedo Bbs Links two. Ron wanted to thank Dave for private lessons that he dropped his pants and knelt in a s chair when asked Dave to take it again. Dave oiled cock and took Ron 's ass. added that to the delight of Ron for your order the hip and the cat was taken while he took it. was a busy couple of weeks, said Dave handed diving for a few weeks. that home for a while. If you liked the story and have a story you want to me entry into the world of writing male sexuality, please send a ICQmail whitewold999 his scheme. com
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